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How to Fill Your Laser Practice to 100% Capacity!

You’ve Taken the Plunge and Invested in the Latest Laser Technology…

You’ve Spent Long Hours Honing the Skills of your Craft, and Training Your Staff…

You’ve Put Most of the Pieces in Place…

You’ve Built it…

But Will They Come?

FREE REPORT shows how Doctors and Aesthetic Laser Practitioners around the country have put the final piece of the puzzle in place, relieving their anxiety about booking their schedules to 100% capacity and guaranteeing their investment will pay off!   

What Would it Mean to You if Your Practice…

  •  Was Booked to 100% Capacity Every Month?
  •  Had a Waiting List of Patients?
  •  Was Free From Erratic Cash Flows Once and for All?
  •  Could dictate 100% of the scheduling to your prospects?(rather than the other way around)
  •  Didn’t have to worry about your laser investment turning a profit?


Plastic Surgeons, LASIK Surgeons, Aesthetic Laser Practitioners, Tattoo Removal Specialists, Varicose Vein Surgeons, Med Spa Owners, Skin Rejuvenation Specialists, Hair Removal and Nail Fungus Practitioners:

After Investing All that Money in Laser Technology…Don’t Leave the Most Important Part of the “Profit Equation” to Chance!

If you’re like most medical doctors and laser practitioners, your revenues fluctuate from month to month and year to year, and sometimes radically so. Economic, political and social winds blow patients to your door one month and away the next.

Meanwhile, your operating expenses continue to rise…and, now that you’ve invested in your new Laser Technology…….they’ve gone UP even more.

And we all know that getting your banker to hand over more cash these days, is not exactly like taking candy from a baby! Meeting payroll, paying rent, paying for your medical laser equipment …all of sudden positive cash flow becomes a pressing concern.

But the effect of volatile market conditions can lead to unpredictable, inconsistent cash flows. It’s the #1 killer of laser practices.

The Only Way to Cure Inconsistent Cash Flow, Book Your Practice to 100% Capacity, And Take Control of Your Schedule and Your Personal Freedom.

Why Traditional Solutions Will Kill Your Practice in this Economy

Medical practices used to be more immune to the vicious whims of inconsistent cash flow. But not anymore. Local competition, global economics, political and social issues have eroded profit margins and pushed operating expenses higher. Now, just like every other small business, doctors and laser practitioners have come face-to-face with the #1 killer of all entrepreneurial ventures: INCONSISTENT CASH FLOW.

And sure, you can push back payments to suppliers until right before their due date…and use next months revenues to pay last months invoices…and you can renegotiate lease terms…and you can get tough on slow-pay patients…and you can invest in new technology to try to generate new revenue…

…..but that’s just treating the symptom and not the disease, unless…

……you take real control of your cash flow by getting your practice booked to 100% capacity. And there’s only one sure-fire way to do that…You must perfect your marketing programs until they’re delivering you a steady flow of new patients, month-in-and-month-out. Period!

Cash flow problems are only cured by……greater cash flow…

Did Your Laser Equipment Come with a Marketing Machine Attached?

Some business owners seem to think that when they plug in their new Laser equipment, they are plugging it into a steady stream of new customers. But they soon discover that’s not quite how it works. There’s nothing but electricity flowing from your wall outlets. And even though you may provide the highest quality service in your market, you’ll remain a virtual unknown.

If you want cash…if you want customers…you have to do a lot more than buy the latest in laser technology. You have to get brutally, ruthlessly REALISTIC about your existing marketing systems.

Secrets the Smartest Doctors and Laser Practitioners Know about Surviving…and Thriving in this Economy

So let’s be honest. Most physicians have never been required to develop a full scale marketing program for their practice. They’ve relied on referrals from other doctors and past patients.

And even though it makes sense that…..

  •  You should be able to attract enough customers based on your skill alone.
  •  You should be able to attract enough new customers based on your reputation
  •  You should be able to attract enough new patients because you have the best technology

… success in the world of laser practitioners isn’t always a matter of merit. That’s not the way the markets work in this economy (if ever!).

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who got to 100% capacity, took control of their schedules, and their lives!

Is Your Practice Facing Reality, or Simply Hoping Customers Will Appear through the Electrical Outlet?

The doctor who attracts the most patients is the doctor who has decided to “get real” about marketing…to get real about booking their schedules to 100% capacity.

You can’t just let the doors of your practice swing with the winds of the economy…….hoping and praying that the referrals from other doctors and past patients will keep the doors open.

That may have worked in the old days…but it’s a very risky business model for a laser practice operating in the 21st century. In today’s medical, political, and economic climate, it’s gone from risky to downright dangerous.

Only a consistent, automatic, reliable marketing system can generate the stream of new customers needed to protect your business from all the outside influences that you cannot control.

It’s the only sure-fire way to seize control of your practice in a world of chaos.

Reality-Based, Cash-Generating Solutions for the New Economy

Click Search Media specializes in marketing systems for doctors and laser practitioners just like you.

Systems that have delivered a calming sense of certainty, security and stability on our clients…even while their competitors wonder “Will I be able to survive the next 3 months?”

“…..Jerry’s programs simply work, and the results we have experienced were exactly as advertised.

The bottom line is Jerry has helped us take a start-up business from absolutely no online presence, to a dominant position in only a few short months.

My business partners and I are thoroughly pleased and excited with the results we’ve received. Thank you Jerry!”

……Brad Adelson, MI

How Do We Restore Sanity to Your Chaotic Cash Flow?

We design and implement A-to-Z marketing systems that attract new patients to your office every day, every week, every month, while you sleep.

And Not Just Any Patients…Your “Ideal” Patients

How many times have you heard online marketing “experts” say something like ….”…more traffic is the key to online marketing success”….?

That would be true if all traffic were equal. But are all patients equal? If I told you I could deliver 1,000 new clients who…

  •  don’t have a problem you can solve
  •  can’t pay you on time
  •  will do nothing but give you and your staff migraines

…would you really want that traffic?

Of course not! The truth is that most traffic is bad traffic…and if you’re getting it, it won’t solve your problems,…… it will simply cause more!

A Better Way: Laser-Targeted Marketing Systems

We start our marketing campaigns by learning about your business. We study your best clients, your ideal clients. Then we craft a clear, concise message that conveys why your business is the better choice among your competitors…for your ideal clients.

You can have the slickest website on the internet…you can have the most impressive brochures…you can have the greatest PPC and SEO geniuses working on your “traffic”…but if your message is wrong…all you’ll get is headaches, and a drain on your cash flows.

Savvy marketers know that it’s “garbage in = garbage out”

We Don’t Stop Until Prospects are Flowing Smoothly to Your Door

Next, we put together a prospect funnel that leads your ideal prospects from step-one to step-two to step-three…right to your door. Again, traffic is meaningless if all it causes is traffic jams. It’s our job to make the path that your prospects follow as simple and easy to “drive” as possible. If someone visits your website, do they take the next step? If not, why not? We test… and test… and test…. until all the obstacles are removed. We turn your marketing system into a slippery slide. And we don’t stop until its delivering results.

So here’s Your Next Step…….

For practices that qualify for our programs, we start with a diagnosis of your website and the key elements of your existing marketing campaign.

We will analyze and report to you on…

  •  what sets you apart from your competition and the effectiveness with which you are communicating
        these differentiators.
  •  who your “hyper-responsive” and most profitable patients are and how well you are bonding with
  •  the overall ‘usability’ of your site and whether there is a clear call-to-action (so your web visitors
         have an easy and obvious path to your product, service and your most desired result).

This review and diagnosis is a $697 value, but we do accept 2-3 no-charge reviews each month. If you’d like to apply, simply click the link below and complete our short questionnaire. We will contact you within 24 hours to notify you of your status.

“Our tattoo removal business is two years old. We’re growing, successful and doing well, but always searching for new ways to make improvements and increase sales. I honestly wasn’t quite sure what to expect from Click Search Media’s offer for a FREE Consultation of our online marketing campaign.

But they came through with a “no-nonsense” assessment,…… and it was a real eye opener….. full of specific, actionable recommendations to help us increase sales and improve our overall campaign results. This was extremely valuable, …and exactly what I was hoping for. My only wish is that we’d done it sooner!”

……Phil Marandola, MA

When you feel it’s time for real, permanent change to the way your online marketing campaign is performing, say “ENOUGH!” and request our FREE confidential consultation.

If some portion of your online marketing campaign isn’t producing meaningful results, make this step your top priority. Take control of your cash flow, your time and your schedule.